What we stand for

Our mission statement

At the Jared Dunscombe Foundation, we honour the legacy of transforming young people’s lives. We are determined to streamline charitable giving in a way that is engaging, rewarding, community-minded and fun.

The values we embrace

We’re human

We believe in the impact that every human is capable of and are constantly driven by a desire to create lasting, positive change for young people.

We inspire change

We ignite enthusiasm for what we believe in, through engaging activities. We don’t just talk about action – we take action and inspire others to do the same.

We’re bold

Bravery is something we draw on every day as we build connections and empower others. We hold our heads high and stride forwards with purpose.

“It is both a privilege and an honour to be in relationship with JDF, not just because of what they have given us, and how that has helped us serve our community, but because of who they are. I know Jared would be incredibly proud of what has been done in his name. “

Jo Baker
Righteous Pups

Actions speak louder than words

Through projects, events and activities, we are determined to raise funds that directly benefit young people and communities.

With your help, we can create lasting change
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